Blades Of Glory


In the National Figure Skating Assocation, professional ice skaters Chazz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) are rivals in the world championship competition. After each has finished their performance, the scores result in a tie for the gold medal. During their acceptance of the gold medal, the two skaters engage in a public altercation that results in them being banned permanently from the men’s figure skating division.

A few years pass, and each has seen a disintegation in their skating career. Michaels (Ferrell) finds work in a no-name children’s production and MacElroy (Heder) finds himself working in a retail store fitting others for ice skates amongst other things.

While working at the retail shop, an obsessed fan of MacElroy comes to him and pleads with him to continue his dream of being a champion figure skater. He points out a technicality that would allow MacElroy to re-enter the National Figure Skating Assocation, not in the men’s division, but in the pair’s division. The only problem is he needs to find a partner.

A short time later MacElroy and Michaels end up encountering one another during MacElroy’s search for a partner and proceed to have another televised brawl. MacElroy’s former coach (Craig T. Nelson), happens to see the highlights from the brawl on the evening news, and while he’s watching the two men engaged in their scuffle, an idea occurs to him that the two skaters could very well partner with each other.

After some convincing, Michaels and MacElroy begrudgingly agree to partner and they soon sign up for the World Championship Pair’s Division. Not without their share of problems, they start rehearsals and soon begin to work out the kinks not only in their physical performance, but in their relationship with each other as well.

However, just when all seems harmonious, a rival pair in the competition(Will Arnett & Amy Poehler) began a scheme to get Michaels and MacElroy out of the competition. Through a series of manipulations and a kidnapping, the rival pair almost succeed, but can’t quite stop the pair from making it to the championship. Michaels and MacElroy manage to complete their performance, including a death defying original move created by their coach, and proceed to win the gold medal after all. Dreamworks