Virtual Reality

 ReelTime Virtual Reality App now available on:


ReelTime has established itself as the leader in the production and distribution of Virtual Reality Content. ReelTime VR, which is available now for iPhone and Android devices worldwide, is the most technologically advanced and has the most creative content of any application to be released to the public to date. ReelTime VR has not only set the bar for virtual reality content but is the only company to offer a complete end to end solution.

The application can be viewed for free with or without a virtual reality headset on nearly 2 billion mobile devices worldwide. The user is immersed in a 360 degree viewing experience, allowing the viewer the look up, down, and all around as if they were standing right there. ReelTime recently partnered with up-and-coming country artist Megs McLean to give Taylor Swift concert attendees a special look into ReelTime VR at the Tea Swift Pre Concert Party. Megs unveiled a sneak peek of “Virtually Me”, a revolutionary documentary shot in full 360 virtual reality, during her performance at the concert in Seattle. “Virtually Me”, which is featured on the ReelTime VR app, allows users to stand in studio with Megs while she records her breakout single “It’s My Truck” with Drumming Legend Ben Smith of “Heart” and producer Geoff Ott at world renowned London Bridge Studio.

“Virtually Me” is the first piece of content released to the public utilizing ReelTime VR and was produced by multi Emmy winning producers Jackson Nguyen and Todd Crites of TurnLeft/ReelTime Partners and Luis Flores. The ReelTime VR app was developed by former ReelTime CTO Barry Henthorn who has a long history of developing revolutionary and disruptive technologies. ReelTime will continue development of the ReelTime VR app as well as production of groundbreaking content that provides users the best of virtual reality and an end to end platform solution to third parties.

ReelTime VR App now available on: